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Handledare: Andreas Hult 

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Handledare: Anna Nordström 

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Handledare: Anna Nordström




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Handledare: Andreas Hult


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Handledare: Jonas Johansson

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Handledare: Andreas Hult


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Effects of bodyweight-based resistance training on functional strength in older adults with pre-sarcopenia -  A randomized controlled trial.

Handledare: Andreas Hult & Jonas Johansson

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-a pilot study  on effects on body constitution, metabolism and gut microbiota.

Handledare: Andreas Hult

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Handledare: Andreas Hult

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Handledare: Jonas Johansson

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Handledare: Andreas Hult

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Handledare: Andreas Hult



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Handledare: Andreas Hult

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Handledare: Peter Nordström


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